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It didn't happen over night...

Does it often feel like people seem to find their confidence, or do something epic overnight? 

You're left waiting for that magical moment where you wake up in the morning and you know exactly how to get where you want to go and can do it fearlessly. 

It may seem this way but trust me it doesn't happen overnight. In my book I touch on my own experience and the different events that I can now pinpoint as being the catalysts of me finding my path and walking down it boldly. 

It was big things and small things. 

Boozy dinners with my brassy, business people cousins

A terrible job working for a terrible boss

A great job, with a great boss and my awareness that I had no desire to stay there long-term nor move up the ranks

A missed miscarriage giving me the dubious gift of a space between when I chose to have children and when I actually had them. 

Stop & reflect today... what moments in life have been game-changing? If you'd like to learn more and get on the waitlist for my self-proclaimed amazing book, click here!

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