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Hi, I'm Louise


10 years ago, I started my own business with no business experience, a half-formed idea, and the audacity to move forward despite what I didn't know. 

What started out as a somewhat traditional yet innovative private practice was tweaked and pivoted over the years. I had set out with great intentions, but as I got to know myself better, understand what I wanted from live and business, what I was capable of, and who I wanted to work with, the business evolved.

I was constantly looking for more alignment, more meaning, purpose, authentic self-expression. There were times of great personal struggle because I needed help, but the kind of help available through coaching, digital marketers and 'experts' online was really missing the mark.

They were talking strategy and mindset, but they weren't acknowledging what it really takes to put yourself and your ideas out there, to put language around who you are and what you do when you're innovating and growing. And they weren't acknowledging what it actually takes to achieve a consistent, predictable income at the same time as doing work that makes a difference. 

I realised that there were a lot of frustrated, struggling business owners, because there were great gaps in the digital marketing and business consultancy world.

I wasn't struggling to implement a consistent business and marketing strategy because I didn't know how to. I understand the strategy and how to implement it. What I struggled with were my own personal barriers and what is meaningful to me.

The occupational therapist in me needed to wrangle my own lived experience (shit-show) into something that might be useful for other people who also have a secret suspicion they're capable of more, and my online program Dare to Launch was born. Soon after, I began writing my (soon to be released) book. 

I've been a qualified Occupational Therapist (OT) for 17 years, and a business owner for 10 years. 

 As an Occupational Therapist I help people do what is meaningful to them, not just by breaking down the exact steps needed to complete a task, but by looking at the whole person. What are the physical, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, medical, and environmental factors that impact upon a person’s ability to do the things that they want to do, need to do, or are expected to do in their life?

My practice draws on occupational therapy models as well as guidance and evidence from areas such as neuroscience, psychology, social science, and more.  I understand how our brains work and what motivates our desires, actions, and behaviours. I understand the importance of the wider context behind what we do and why. 

 Some of the most intelligent people, who are outstanding at what they do, struggle with apparently simple tasks. By apparently simple tasks I mean tasks that are easy to advise someone else to do, or easy to put in a list of seven simple steps to success. 

But tasks that we understand cognitively can be very hard to implement consistently! The barriers to our success can be invisible to us. We’re too close to our own situation and too self-conscious to talk openly about our struggles with things that other people seem to find easy.

However, if we ignore our personal barriers, they  will keep coming up at the most unexpected (an inopportune) times, keeping us stuck and small!  

Working through the personal side of launching your undeniably good work into the world is the part I'm most inspired to help with!

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